Call Panel Beaters first!

It’s kind of like the old conundrum … which came first, the chicken or the egg? Who do you call first when you’ve had a car accident or collision … the panel beaters, or the car insurance companies?

You know you need to get your car repaired, but you want to know if any car insurance companies will cover it. You want to contact the insurance company, but they’ll want to know how much the vehicle repairs will cost.

So who do you call first when you’ve had a collision?

We’ll make it easy for you. Make your first call to us at Mt Roskill Collision Centre. Give us a call on 0800 227 762.

There are a few clear reasons why we recommend you call us, your panel beater, first.

As Panel Beaters, we’ve done this several times before

As experienced panel beaters Auckland, we’ve been through this before. We know that no one wants to deal with repairs or panel beating expenses. And for some, it can be pretty stressful. We can help put your mind at ease by looking after all the details for you. We do everything we can to make a visit to the panel beater as calm and pleasant as possible.

We’ll do a thorough check of the vehicle damage

We know there may be obvious, visible damage to your car. But there also may be hidden damage. We’ll do a comprehensive check to determine what needs to be done when. Some repairs may be essential and immediate. While others may be jobs, we can do at a later date if it’s more convenient.

As Panel Beaters, we work with most of New Zealand’s major car insurance companies

We partner with several of the most reputable car insurance companies in New Zealand and have fantastic working relationships with them. We understand the variances between different policies and can help you make heads or tails of it. Our experience, accreditation, and relationship with the car insurance companies will help to ensure your vehicle will be restored according to the applicable policy provisions.

We make the process clean and simple when you talk to us first

When you bring your vehicle to us, your repairer will send photos with an estimate to your car insurance company for approval to begin the work. Sometimes we will receive approval to start straight away if the panel and paintwork meet specific criteria. If not, you can take your car home until the car repair is approved and after that can book in a time. Your repairer will help and guide you through this process, helping to minimise any stress or worry for you.

Mt Roskill Collision Centre will look after you through the entire process

At Mt Roskill Collision Centre, we’ll keep you informed every step of the way. There’s no need to wait on the phone on hold with your insurance company. We’ll look after the details for you and make sure the process is as stress-free as possible. If possible, we’ll even provide you with a loaner car if you need one.

We’re a local friendly face

It’s nice to know who you’re dealing with and who you’re trusting with your vehicle. We’re not a claims department on the other end of the phone. We’re your helpful and knowledgeable repairer. Who will take the time to make sure you’re happy with the work quoted on. We’ll show you what needs to be repaired or replaced and make sure the timing of the repairs works with your schedule.

The Mt Roskill Collision Centre promise

Our goal is to have everyone on New Zealand roads driving safely. We offer a lifetime guarantee on our car repairs from our panel beating and collision repair service centre in Mt Roskill, Auckland. Contact us online or call us on 0800 227 762 for a free quote or to book an appointment.

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