Auto Transmission Servicing

Regular transmission maintenance will help keep your car on the road longer and safer. Preventative transmission maintenance is essential to avoid more complicated and expensive transmission problems later on.

Your transmission is one of the most complicated systems in your vehicle. It is responsible for the transfer of power from your engine or motor to your wheels, managing your gears, controlling how your car speeds up, slows down and reacts as you need it to.

With so many interrelated parts, there are several components that the transmission interacts with that need to be in prime condition for your vehicle to run efficiently. Therefore it’s important to have your transmission checked and serviced as required.

We are experienced Auckland mechanics who can service manual, automated, automatic, CVT transmissions – on older models as well as newer computer-controlled transmissions.

Our transmission service consists of a comprehensive inspection of your transmission’s performance and general operation. We perform:

  • visual inspection
  • fluid check
  • road test
  • on-board diagnostics (OBD) computer scan

If further diagnostic work is required, we can remove, disassemble and inspect the transmission.

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