Get a pre purchase inspection for your car today! 

Getting a professional pre purchase inspection of your new car is an indispensable step in the car buying journey. A pre-purchase car assessment guarantees that you make an educated decision by understanding the real condition of the vehicle, including hidden problems that may not be seen during a test drive or a visual inspection.

Our experienced and certified technicians have the knowledge and expertise to detect even the most inconspicuous car defects such as engine problems, rust damage, worn-out components, malfunctioning electronics, and a lack of maintenance history, which can lead to costly repairs in the future.

What is included in a pre purchase car inspection? 

Buying a second hand car can be risky endeavour, which is why our mechanics will undergo a comprehensive car assessment to make your decision as informative, and reliable as possible. We will also provide you with a certified written report detailing the status of the vehicle’s:

  • Evaluate the condition of the engine and all relevant parts
  • Evaluate the depth of tire treads and inspect the wheels for any harm
  • Assess the steering and suspension for any harm, leaks, or signs of wear
  • Evaluate the condition and lifespan of the brakes, as well as check for any indications of damage
  • Inspect the motor for any sounds, emissions, smoke, and other engine deterioration
  • Ensure the battery, generator, and starter mechanism are functioning correctly
  • Examine the outer components of the radiator, water pump, and hoses for any decay or leaks
  • Inspect the external areas for any rust or corrosion
  • Short driving test (approximately 50km) to assess the vehicle’s handling, steering, brakes, and identify any unusual sounds
  • Check for any current or expired diagnostic codes
  • Generate a comprehensive report that may indicate
  • Recommended or probable repairs
  • Heating and ventilation check
  • Full mechanical report
  • Full underbody check
  • Potential issues for a Warrant of Fitness (WoF)
  • Provide a report on any diagnostic codes found

How much is a pre purchase car inspection?

The cost of a pre purchase car inspection is $170 including GST.

Why its important to to get a pre-purchase inspection? 

A pre purchase inspection serves as the most important component of the car-buying process since it acts as a preventive step against buying a faulty car, which can save you from substantial financial, and safety issues.

Our mechanics deliver vital insights that may not be obvious to the untrained eye such as malfunctioning gearboxes and leaks, as well as badly conducted repairs and frame damage from earlier incidents.

This information will allow you to avoid unexpected car repair bills after the purchase, as well as determine the vehicle’s real market worth, allowing for reasonable price discussions.

Finally, a pre-purchase examination validates a buyer’s decision, allowing them to invest in a vehicle that is dependable, safe, and worthy of their hard-earned money. It effectively transforms a potentially dangerous buy into a well-informed, educated investment.

If everything checks out and you buy the pre-assessed vehicle, be sure to come in for a car service as soon as possible!

Pre Purchase Inspection Terms & Conditions


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