I have damaged my car. Should I contact the repairer or the insurance company first?

There’s no right or wrong answer here, but if there’s another party involved it’s best to contact the insurance company first. However, if you are not sure you can come to see us and we can talk you through your options and what the next steps should be.

Do I have a choice in who repairs my car when making an insurance claim?

Yes, you have every right to nominate a repairer of your choice. This should not be an issue if you choose a reputable business with the right gear and equipment.We make this easy, as we approved by all major insurance companies and have a proven track record in the industry.

Can I email photos of the damage to get a quote?

Writing an estimate based on emailed images won’t be accurate as parts and damages could be missed. It’s best we see the vehicle in person to be able to give a more accurate estimate to avoid any hidden cost or delays when repairs are started. 

How long does an assessment take and do I need to leave my car at the shop?

You won’t need to leave your car with us if our estimator deems it safe to drive. Depending on the damage the assessment should take around 10-15 minutes. We may also need to adjust things on your car so it’s safe for you to drive, so that could take a couple extra minutes.

What will happen after the assessment?

After the assessment, we will source parts cost and availability to write the estimate. If a private estimate we will then email it to you. If it’s an insurance claim we will send the estimate and all required images to the insurance company and we will notify you via text when that is done. Following the insurance company approval, we will get in touch to arrange a time to start repairs.

How long would it take to get an approval from an insurance company?

This varies between the insurance companies and depends on how busy they are at the time we submit the quote. If you’d like an accurate time frame, it’s best to ask your insurance company directly.

Can I get extra work done when the vehicle is for an insurance claim?

Yes, this is the best time to do this because the vehicle is already in the shop and in process.On some occasions It can be cheaper in cases where parts are already removed lessening the labour cost.Let us know when you come in and we will give you a separate estimate for this.

How long are repairs going to take?

We will be able to give you an estimated time frame when you come in for assessment, pending parts availability. Noting we only take the vehicle in for repairs when we have parts to minimise the time which the vehicle is off the road so we will discuss this with you when booking your car in for repairs.

When I drop my vehicle for repairs will there be a replacement vehicle for me to use?

Loan cars are available and subject to availability so please let us that you require one when booking the car in for repairs.

Is there a charge for the loan car?

We have a one-off fee of $30 including GST for the entire time it takes us to repair your vehicle. This is not a per day charge, so the one fee is the same if you need the loan car one day or one week. The loan car will be provided with a full tank of gas so the car needs to be returned with the same.

How will I know my vehicle is ready for me to collect?

One of our team will contact you once the repairs are complete. Our trained staff members will preform a quality check on the vehicle to ensure it completed to a high standard.

Will the repairs be noticeable after a major accident?

Absolutely not, we pride ourselves on providing a seamless repair and your vehicle should look as good as it was pre accident or better.

Is there warranty on the repairs?

We offer an ownership lifetime warranty on all accident repairs and we are more than happy to rectify any issues. So as long as you own the car and it is related to the original repair, please get in touch with us.

Who do I pay the insurance excess amount to?

The insurance excess is paid to us once repairs are complete. This is because we invoice the insurance company the full repairs cost less the excess amount.    Note: Some insurance companies give you the option to pay them directly.  E.g.  AA Insurance and Vero Insurance.

Can I have my vehicle repaired and pay the balance in instalments after I collect the vehicle?

Sorry we do not offer this service and we are not affiliated with any small loan companies. We require the payment in full when collecting your vehicle.