Our Auto Mechanics Offer The Following Services

The experienced team at Mt Roskill Collision Centre offers a variety of car service options that include regular maintenance checks through to panel beating and repairs.

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We can help with any type of car, ute, SUV, van, or small truck that needs repairs or maintenance work. We are experienced and equipped to work with most makes and models – European, Japanese, American, diesel, petrol, EV, hybrid – you name it, we can service it.

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Driving on worn or old tyres can be a serious safety risk. We recommend you have your tyres checked regularly, which may be every six months or every 8000 kms for an “average” driver.

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It’s your worst nightmare – driving along, you attempt to stop, and your brakes fail.It’s not always as you see it in the movies, though. Sometimes a brake failure is a slow and gradual process, making your car unsafe to drive without you even realising it.

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Air conditioning has come a long way since it was first introduced initially in 1902 – and then installed in cars as of 1939. Those early systems used to fill the entire boot space of a car, until General Motors created the front-mounted aircon system in the 1950s.

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Regular transmission maintenance will help keep your car on the road longer and safer. Preventative transmission maintenance is essential to avoid more complicated and expensive transmission problems later on.

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Having a wheel alignment is one of the most essential services your vehicle needs.

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Having a functional battery is vital in starting your car and allowing all electrical functions to work properly. Our team can provide a comprehensive battery test for your vehile.

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