Save Time at the Panelbeaters

Sadly, no one really looks forward to taking their car to the panel beater. However, if you’ve been involved in a car accident or collision. You’re probably stressed, worried, and possibly hurt or injured. It’s definitely not an enjoyable time. Therefore, at Mt Roskill Collision Centre, we do everything we can to take the worry and stress away.

Even if you haven’t been in an accident but just need some repair work done on your vehicle. It can still be a stressful time. You’re worried about the costs or the possibility of not having a car when you need it. Hence, we’d like to change all of that.

At Mt Roskill Collision Centre, we do whatever we can to make you feel at ease. For example, by offering a comprehensive range of services all under one roof. Taking the time to explain things clearly to you and helping out with an insurance claim if needed.

There are a few ways you can speed up the process and get your car back quicker from the panelbeaters

  • Start with calling Panelbeaters First off, get in touch with us at Mt Roskill Collision Centre. Depending on your circumstances, what has happened to your car, and what extent of damage repairs are needed. We’ll give you realistic timeframes. Furthermore, if your vehicle has been in an accident and it isn’t safe for you to continue to drive it. We’ll put it in our priority queue. It’s important to us to minimise the time your vehicle is off the road. If we’re not looking at accident damage, and you are looking to book in for non-urgent work. We’ll give you an honest and realistic indication of when we will work on your car. It may be the same day, the next day or in a few days. It all depends on what you need and how busy we are. However, we won’t ask you to bring your car in and then leave it unattended for days. That’s in no one’s best interest.
  • Take some photos The second thing you can do to get your car back quicker from the panelbeater is to provide photos. For instance, if you’ve been in an accident, take some photos at the accident scene and bring those to us. That will give us a better idea of where your vehicle was hit. And where there may be damage that isn’t immediately noticeable. (You’ll probably need photos for insurance anyway.) If it’s not accident damage we’re working on. But something like paintwork or modifications that you’d like done, then photos are a huge help. A picture really does speak a thousand words. So if you want something altered on your vehicle, showing us an image can help speed up the process. In addition, we can get you a quote quicker and can source parts faster if we know exactly what you want.
  • Let us contact the insurance company for you If you’re making an insurance claim for damage to your vehicle, the insurance company will want an assessment and quote from the panelbeaters Auckland. At Mt Roskill Collision Centre, we can handle that for you. We’re used to dealing with insurance companies and know what information they need, in what format. Best of all, Mt Roskill Collision Centre is trusted by all the best car insurance companies in New Zealand

Get in touch with us for a free quote, and let us help you get back on the road quickly and safely.

The Mt Roskill Collision Centre promise

Our goal is to have everyone on New Zealand roads driving safely. We offer a lifetime guarantee on our car repairs from our panel beating and collision repairs service centre in Mt Roskill, Auckland. Contact us online or call us on 0800 227 762 for a free quote or to book an appointment.

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