One of the reasons people avoid or delay car service appointments is because of the perceived inconvenience to their schedule. In Auckland, we can be so dependent on our vehicles that the thought of being without a car for any length of time can seem like a major inconvenience.

The best way to deal with this is to better understand how long a car service takes, what is involved, and all the benefits that outweigh any inconvenience.

What does servicing your car mean?

When we talk about servicing your car, we’re referring to the preventative maintenance that all vehicles need. It’s the regular checks that need to be done to make sure that everything is working properly. These appointments are also extremely important in detecting any small problems before they become bigger (i.e. more expensive or dangerous) issues.

What to check in car service?

A basic car service can include:  

  • Checking tyres, tread, wheel balancing, tyre rotation, wheel alignment
  • Changing the engine oil and filter
  • Inspecting all of your car’s fluids
  • Checking the belts, hoses, exhaust, emissions
  • Replacing bulbs, checking instrument warning lights

A full service is a comprehensive service that covers the checks that are done in a minor service (above) as well as:  (This is called basic service and please refer to website to what we offer part of this service)

  • Checking engine performance and tuning
  • Gears, clutch, transmission  (please refer to website and update the services offered accordingly) 
  • Checking hydraulic fluid and coolant levels
  • Steering alignment and suspension checks, power steering fluid  (Not part of the service, please refer to website) 
  • Checking lights, indicators, electrics
  • Cooling system, radiator, pumps and hoses
  • Air filtration
  • Battery testing


How long does a basic car service take?

A first car service can mean a few different things to different people. It can be the first car service that a brand new car has. In this case, there shouldn’t be any major issues and the car should still be under warranty. A first car service for a new car will usually take one to two hours.

A first car service can also mean the first car service that you schedule as the owner of a used vehicle – or that we conduct as the mechanics for this particular vehicle. If it’s a used car with a history that is not fully known to you or to us, then the service may take a bit longer.

We’ll want to be extra diligent and check some issues that normally wouldn’t be a problem with a new vehicle. For example, if we can tell that there has been some panel beating work done, we may do a more detailed check of the vehicle’s wheel alignment or suspension (to ensure that there isn’t damage that has been done in a collision). A first car service for a used car will usually take between two and three hours, depending on which type of car service you book.

How long does a full car service take?

For a full comprehensive service, we usually ask that you leave your car with us for approximately 4 hours. We schedule all our service appointments in advance and do our best to run to schedule so that you get your car back when you need it.

In some instances, we may be able to provide a loan car or drop you off somewhere if needed.

Factors affecting the duration of a car service

The length of a car service appointment will depend on a number of factors.

Make and model

At Mt Roskill, we offer car servicing for almost any make and model. We work with petrol, diesel, imports, European, Japanese, luxury car models. When it comes to car servicing, some of these have different requirements which will affect their car service frequency and duration of service appointments. Please get in touch with us for more information and a quote.

Type of repair

How long it takes to service a vehicle will also depend on whether or not we uncover any damage that needs to be repaired. If you bring your vehicle in for a service because it hasn’t had one in a long time, or because you’re hearing strange noises, there may be something that needs to be fixed. We’ll let you know as soon as we can how long your service appointment will take so you can plan accordingly.

Car condition

The duration of a car service may also vary depending on the condition of the vehicle. If you look after your car and have it serviced regularly, we should be able to easily estimate how long your car service appointment will take. It’s a bit like the dentist – if you take the right preventative measures, the checks will be easier and the repair work minimal.

How much does a car service cost?

At Mt Roskill, we can provide the service package that is just right for your vehicle – whatever its age, make or model. Our Basic Car Service package starts at just $210 including GST.

We also offer specific car service appointments such as:

  • Diesel car service
  • European car service
  • Pre-purchase car inspection

Please get in touch with us for more information and a quote.

How much is a major car service?

If your vehicle needs a more comprehensive car service, we can help with that too. Our Standard Car Service package – which includes everything in the Basic Car Service package PLUS a few more detailed tests – starts at just $265 including GST.