At Mt Roskill Collision Centre, we offer a range of car service options to help improve your car’s performance and to keep you safe on the road.

While there are hundreds of parts that work together to keep your car working, there are some essential car parts that need regular servicing. Think of it like the human body – it’s made up of millions of cells, ligaments, bones, muscles, organs, etc.

They all need to work properly, but day to day you focus on the things that need the most attention for the smaller elements to function.

Just like you might consider your heart, lungs and brain the driving force of your body, here are the 5 essential parts of a car service:


The engine, of course, is what provides the power to your vehicle and makes it move. It is probably the most important part of your car that needs regular servicing. It is also the part that can provide the costliest repairs if you avoid regular servicing.

Because it’s quite a complicated part that relies on several interdependent components, we don’t expect you to be able to service your engine yourself.

When we service your vehicle, we include:

  • Engine oil change
  • Oil filter replacement
  • Checking engine performance and tuning
  • Check spark plugs
  • Check timing belt/cambelt
  • Check/change air filters
  • Petrol Engine

The obvious difference between a petrol engine and a diesel engine is the type of fuel you put in the car. The other difference is how energy is created.

With a petrol engine, the fuel is mixed with air and compressed by pistons. It is then ignited by sparks from the spark plugs.

Diesel Engine

In diesel engines, air is compressed before it gets mixed with the fuel. Since the air heats up when compressed, it makes the fuel ignite.

Gear Box

Keeping your gear box serviced helps your car run smoothly and prolongs the life of your car. When we service your car we check and maintain the gears, clutch and transmission.

We work with automatic gear boxes, manual transmissions, and CVTs (continuously variable transmissions). We’ll check all the working parts and the transmission fluid levels.

Car Tyres

Driving on worn or old tyres can be a serious safety risk. People often underestimate how important looking after your tyres is. They’re your main point of contact with the road, and a key feature of vehicle safety and performance.

A comprehensive car tyre service includes checking your tyre condition, tyre pressure and tread, including your spare wheel. If needed, we can conduct wheel balancing, tyre rotation and wheel alignment.


Your vehicle’s headlights have two main purposes – to help you see and be seen. Your headlights make you more visible on the road, reducing the likelihood of an accident.

And they help improve your visibility, so you have as much warning as possible of other vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians and any obstacles in front of you as you drive.

It’s important to have your headlights serviced and your bulbs/lamps replaced as needed. Driving with a burnt out headlight diminishes your safety on the road significantly.

Car Battery

You may not give much thought to your car battery until it stops working, but we monitor it to determine how well it’s working and how much longer it may last.

On average, a car battery should last about five years. There are a few ways to check the health of your battery. It is one of the key components to test and service regularly to keep your car running as efficiently as possible.

Why is car servicing so important?

We talk about safety a lot here at Mt Roskill Collision Centre and car servicing is one of the simplest ways to maximise your safety on the road. Car servicing is the best way to ensure that all your vehicle’s parts and components are working as they should.

A car service can provide early detection of the risk of brake failure, tyre issues, steering problems, and a range of other potential faults that could lead to an accident.

Car servicing is also the best way to have your vehicle hold its value. If you are planning on selling your vehicle or trading up at any point in the future, being able to show potential buyers evidence of regular servicing will help you fetch a higher sale price for your car.

The easiest way to save money on your vehicle is to have it serviced regularly. Regular service appointments will help maximise your car’s performance, reduce the chance of breakdown, and improve fuel efficiency. Not only will you enjoy driving better, but you’ll also likely save money in the long run. You can also read more about the benefits of regular car servicing here.

Do car services depend on your car and how much you drive?

To some extent, yes, the type of car services you require will depend on what car you drive and how much mileage it has done.

But there are regular car service checks that we recommend all vehicles have on a regular basis, and others that are needed less frequently.

For this reason we have designed our car service packages into different types.

For example, our “Minor Car Service” option includes checking tyres, engine, fluids, exhaust, bulbs, windscreen, etc. You might do this type of service a couple of times a year, depending on your driving conditions and distances.

While our more comprehensive “Full Car Service” includes all of the above as well as checks on your cooling system, air filtration, battery, spark plugs, and a range of other more detailed checks. You probably only need this level of service once a year.

Vehicles have different service needs depending on whether you drive long distances on the motorway vs a lot of stop-start city driving, rural off-road driving vs urban paved driving, as well as in extreme weather conditions.

The experienced team at Mt Roskill Collision Centre can give you advice on how what type of service and service schedule is right for you, based on your specific vehicle and driving conditions.

We have a range of car service options and pricing available.

Get in touch with the experts at Mt Roskill Collision Centre to book a car service appointment.

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