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Having a collision in your vehicle is never a pleasant experience. There is the potential for someone to get injured. You worry about the extent of your vehicle’s damage. As well as stress over having to get repairs done for areas such as your front bumper.

Often the damage endured is simply bumper-to-bumper damage, which usually doesn’t seem too major. Many people continue to drive with front bumper damage to their vehicles. We strongly encourage you not to be one of these people. No matter how minor the damage to your front bumper may seem. Please have your front bumper repairs assessed immediately. There are several reasons why front bumper repairs are vital.

Your front bumper protects you

The primary purpose of your vehicle’s bumpers is to provide protection. Bumpers absorb the impact of collisions and protect the other parts of the vehicle, the driver, and the passengers. Keeping them in excellent condition maximises the opportunity for your bumpers to do what they’re designed to do.

If you ignore damage to your front bumper, you’re increasing the likelihood that you will get injured in another collision. We equate this to continuing to use a cracked helmet. The helmet or bumper, in this case, has done what it’s meant to do by protecting you and absorbing the impact. The next logical thing to do is to repair or replace it so it can continue to protect you.

There may be internal damage

While the front bumper may absorb the shock of a collision. There may be damage sustained to other parts of the vehicle. Numerous internal parts go into making a vehicle perform safely. Some we can easily see when we lift the bonnet, and others we cannot.

Even if a bumper has absorbed the impact and bounced out again, leaving only minimal visible damage. There may be underlying damage to your vehicle that is not immediately apparent.

When you bring your vehicle into Mt Roskill Collision Centre, we’ll run through a comprehensive list of tests. These tests may include checking the lights, indicators, radiator, engine, transmission, axles, chassis, suspension and airbags.

Your insurance may not be valid

If you fail to have your front bumper checked and repaired after a collision, you may be jeopardising your insurance cover. All policies are different, of course. But many vehicle insurance policies stipulate that you must have your car checked after a collision. You don’t want to find this out the hard way after neglecting what may, in the end, be a quick and simple check of your front bumper after an accident.

Even if repairs are not needed or are pretty minor. An insurance company can make the process more difficult in a future claim if you haven’t had the proper checks conducted as required.

You’ll reduce the likelihood of further damage

If you ignore necessary front bumper repairs and then are unfortunately involved in another collision. You may find that the damage the next time around is much worse than it might otherwise have been. As we’ve mentioned, while bumpers absorb the shock of a collision. They don’t completely reduce the chance of other vehicle components getting damaged. If your front bumper is hit again, it won’t provide adequate protection to that already damaged internal part. That second knock may be enough to make it irreparable. Even worse, it may make the vehicle less safe.

Let’s look at an example. Perhaps you’re involved in a collision where you rear end the car in front of you. There is quite a hard collision, but your front bumper has absorbed most of the shock. And the damage to your front bumper looks to you like it’s just aesthetic. Unbeknownst to you, however, the chassis has been cracked. Because the damage to the front bumper looks relatively minor. You just leave it for now and vow to get around to it when you have more time. Unfortunately, time goes by, and that task falls further down your to-do list. You’re then involved in another collision, and that cracked chassis doesn’t withstand the force. Your vehicle is written off, and you and your passengers are injured. The severity of this outcome was preventable had you only made an effort to have your front bumper checked the first time.

Your car may not be roadworthy

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) mandates features your car must have to meet the warrant of fitness (WoF) standard. Included on the list of features required for your WoF are “Flashing direction indicator lights at the front” and “Two white or amber position lights at the front”.

If you’re not able to take your car into your panel beater on the same day, you have your accident. Check that your front lights are still working. If not, your vehicle may not be deemed roadworthy. This is for your safety and the safety of other drivers on the road. Do not be negligent; act as quickly as possible if your car has been involved in a collision.

Leave it to the professionals

Don’t try to just touch up the paint on your front bumper and knock out the dents. This won’t restore the integrity of your bumper and will put your safety at risk.

If there is any damage at all to your front bumper. Even if it looks to be just aesthetic damage. Book in to have us assess the damage to your bumper and your overall vehicle. There are no shortcuts to safety.

The Mt Roskill Collision Centre promise

Our goal is to have everyone on New Zealand roads driving safely. We offer a lifetime guarantee on our car repairs from our panel beating and collision repair service centre in Mt Roskill, Auckland. Contact us online or call us on 0800 227 762 for a free quote or to book an appointment.

Reasons Why Front Bumper Repairs Are Vital