Car Scratch Repairs 

If you’ve ever owned a brand new car, you’ll know that incredible feeling of having beautiful, scratch-free paintwork. But then, at some point, you’ll know that gut-wrenching feeling of getting the first scratch on your pride and joy.

Car scratches annoy and frustrate us like nothing else. Unfortunately, they’re almost unavoidable, no matter how carefully we look after our vehicle.

We cannot control other people opening their car doors into our side panels when we’re parked. We have no influence over what kind of debris blows around in a storm and hits our car. And we sometimes have little control over kids who jump in the car, paying no attention to their jacket zips or those annoying toys they hang off their backpacks.

At some point, whether your vehicle is old or new, it’s going to get scratches, nicks, chips and dings.

Process of Car Scratch Removal

As our cars follow us everywhere we go, scratches and scuffs inevitably end up on our beloved paint work. Here; our team of professional technicians will be able to polish and remove any scratch that has not broken through the original paint work with a cut and polish. We start with sanding the panel down with fine sandpaper to remove the scratches. Once all the scratches and imperfections have been removed, we begin with a coarse cutting compound, we then move on to a finer compound. We then use a glazing compound for dark colours to remove any swirl marks created by the cut. Finally, we apply two liberal coats of wax to give the paint work the maximum protection possible.

Car Scratches, nicks, chips and dings

That might sound like something off a Mexican restaurant menu, but they’re all a form of damage to your car’s paintwork that needs to be repaired when it happens.

There are several reasons why we stress the importance of car scratch repairs.

  • Scratched paint will get worse You might think that one little scratch is harmless. But it’s not just an aesthetic problem. Sure, scratches don’t look good. But if left unrepaired, a scratch on your car’s paintwork is likely to get worse. The paint around the scratch or damage will start to chip, flake off, peel or blister. If you park your car outside and it’s exposed to the sun’s UV rays, blowing leaves and twigs, or bird droppings, the paint damage will likely continue to get worse unless you bring it in to have the car paint touched up. Generally speaking, we also find that people aren’t as careful around scratched and dented cars. That includes the owners themselves. Therefore, the damage left untreated leads to more damage.
  • A scratched car is worth less if you try to sell it No one really wants to purchase a car with scratches or dings in the paint. If we’re buying a used vehicle, most of us prefer a car that has been well looked after and looks its best. If those scratches haven’t been looked after, you have to wonder what other problems have been ignored? So taking the time to have a scratch treated as soon as it happens will mean that it’s worth more when it comes time to sell it. 
  • It’s usually cheaper to repair scratches earlier rather than later As we’ve said, damage to your car’s paintwork often gets worse over time. If you bring your vehicle in to us at Mt Roskill Collision Centre as soon as you notice a scratch, we can repair it before it becomes a bigger problem. It may be something we can buff or polish off – which is less time consuming and less expensive than more detailed paint touch up work.
  • Ignoring a scratch may mean you’re ignoring other damage to your vehicle In some instances, a scratch on your car’s paint is just an external sign of damage to your car. If you don’t know how the scratch happened, then chances are you don’t know how significant the impact was of something coming into contact with your car. At Mt Roskill Collision Centre, we will not only look at your car’s paintwork, but we’ll also check to see if there is any damage to the panels or bumper, the electrics, and any other components that may be affected. If there are scratches around your tyres, we may check the wheel alignment to ensure that your vehicle is steering correctly and is safe to continue driving.

How much does it cost for car scratch repair in Auckland?

Car touch up paint is a unique service, and the costs depend on the extent of work needed and whether there is damage to the vehicle. Please read our article specifically on the costs of touch up paintwork in Auckland.

If there is any damage to your vehicle, bring it to us at Mt Roskill Collision Centre for an initial assessment. We strongly advise you don’t try to repair or touch up car scratches yourself.

Bring it in to the car scratch remover experts and we can fix any dents or damage to the panel, buff, polish, prime, paint and protect – the necessary steps required to maximise the life and value of your car.

Please contact car scratch remover experts at Mt Roskill Collision Centre for a no-obligation quote on car scratch repair or car touch-up paint.

The Mt Roskill Collision Centre promise

Our goal is to have everyone on New Zealand roads driving safely. We offer a lifetime guarantee on our car repairs from our panel beating and collision repair service centre in Mt Roskill, Auckland. Contact us online or call us on 0800 227 762 for a free quote or to book an appointment.

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