We spend a lot of time and effort making sure that our vehicle’s engine is running properly and efficiently. One of the ways to ensure this is to make sure that the engine mounts are also in good condition.

The engine mounts in your car play a very important role. As their name suggests, they hold the engine in place. But they do much more than that.

The purpose of the engine mounts is to hold the engine in place securely and absorb any shocks and vibrations. This helps the engine work optimally, prevents damage, and also helps ensure driver and passenger comfort while driving.

How does an engine mount break?

An engine mount will break if it’s improperly installed. Therefore it’s essential that an experienced mechanic installs and replaces your car’s engine mounts.

Like many other parts and components of a vehicle, an engine mount will endure stress as the car ages and may eventually succumb to wear and tear.

Engine mounts sometimes break if the car isn’t driven properly. If you’re racing and accelerating suddenly, the car may fight to keep up as it automatically tries to change gears. In a car with a manual transmission, if you’re not changing gears properly, you may do damage to the engine mounts.

A collision or car accident may be another cause for an engine mount to crack or break. This is one of the reasons that we always recommend that you have your vehicle professionally assessed after a collision, no matter how minor. There is sometimes damage to parts that go unnoticed by drivers. Only a professional panel beater will know to check the engine mounts after a collision.

How common is it for engine mounts to break?

It’s not overly common for an engine mount to break – but it’s also not a rare thing. It all depends on the age of the vehicle and how it’s driven, as we’ve mentioned above.

Typically, engine mounts should last between 5 to 7 years. It’s best to have them checked regularly when you bring your car in for a service.

Signs of worn engine mounts

There are some very specific signs that it’s time to replace worn engine mounts in your vehicle:

1. Excessive engine vibration and noise

If you notice a lot of noise or vibration coming from the engine area of your car, it may be the engine mounts. The mounts are there to hold the engine securely in place. If they’re worn or damaged, the engine may be moving more than necessary, causing banging or clanking noises and vibration.

2. Misaligned engine components

Your engine should sit evenly in the vehicle, with the level of all sides equal. If you lift the bonnet and notice that the engine is leaning to one side or sitting unevenly, the misalignment may be due to a worn engine mount.

3. Unusual vehicle movements and shifting

If an engine mount is damaged and not doing its job of holding the engine securely in place, you may actually feel the movement of the engine when you start the car or when you turn off the engine. You may even notice this movement whilst you’re driving. This is not ideal – particularly at high speeds.

You may also notice a strange jerking sensation when you shift gears. If any of these unusual movements or shifting occur, it may be time to replace one or more of your engine mounts.

4. Damaged or cracked engine mounts

Have a look around the engine. You should be able to see the engine mounts and they should be intact. If you notice any damage or cracks, the affected engine mount(s) should be replaced.

Engine mounts will eventually wear down over time, but the key is to replace them before they completely break. If you notice any cracks in the engine mounts, have them replaced before the problem gets worse. Ignoring a cracked engine mount may lead to unnecessary engine damage.

5. Impact on vehicle performance and fuel efficiency

Sometimes the effect of a worn or damaged part isn’t easy to identify. You may just sense that the car is not performing as efficiently as it normally does. Or you may find that your fuel efficiency has changed.

If this is the case, it may be simply a matter of having worn engine mounts. You’d be surprised at how interdependent all the components of your vehicle are and how they all can affect engine performance.

If you notice any of these things, or simply want to have your engine mounts checked to be on the safe side, give the friendly team at Mt Roskill Collision Centre a call. No question is a silly one and no job is too small.

The experienced team at Mt Roskill Collision Centre can check your engine mounts and let you know what condition they’re in.

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